No! Not the bears!

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SandBoxPlatypus 10

I call this "No! Not the bears!" It's meant to be a heavy hitter enemy killer deck. With a splash of helpful questing just from the added damage on each Beorning character from Osbera's ability up to five. With Gildor's Counsel and Wait no Longer it's another way to help with questing. With Loyal Hound and Honour Guard you can negate a lot of damage, so taking undefended attacks or just tanking most of it with Beorn is amazing. It's pretty useful for team play just basic enemy killers with some helpful questing cards and abilities with Osbera Card draw would be the main issue for this deck even with Legolas and Gléowine, but hopefully you'll be set up before then. With the right opening hand I was able to kill the hill troll in turn one in Journey along the Anduin with minimal damage to Beorn. I'm open to any suggestions or changes to try to improve this idea of oh no bears.


Nov 25, 2022 Alonewolf87 1620

Nice idea. Please note though that Seasoned Forager is a nonbo with Beorn's Welcome (adding resources falls under the umbrella of gain resources)

Nov 26, 2022 SandBoxPlatypus 10

`@Alonewolf87 I seen with that. I've mad a few changes for the deck removing Beorn's Welcome and adding in some of the dog allies just to get creatures like Landroval onto the field faster.