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toxiczammy 174

I was thinking of bringing this deck to my local fellowship event and would appreciate honest feed back. I am debating about Gamling, should I put three copies of him in here? Same With Steward of Gondor and Livery of the Tower, should I have three copies of each? If so, what should I take out? Any other suggested edits?


Nov 02, 2016 Wolves 27

I see that this is mostly a Rohan deck, so maybe my suggestions are not in line with your thematical approach. Nevertheless, I'd include ally Arwen Undómiel and possibly Dúnedain Warning to buff up Beregond. Livery of the Tower is very nice, but you have quite a bit of spirit cards to pay for so even with Steward of Gondor and/or The Day's Rising, I'm guessing you won't be able to prevent massive amounts of damage on Beregond and 4 defence, while nice, doesn't cover all enemies by far. Furthermore, it will make triggering The Day's Rising a bit easier.

Overall I like your theme, but questing and attacking seem to be a bit low in the deck though. I'm not sure if it is viable for many quests, but I might be wrong :)

Nov 02, 2016 D4rkWolf10 479

I like the deck, but I would agree that committing to one strategy might give you better results. Rohan mounts are a very strong archetype, and definitely viable, but making a supportive deck that protects other players while the quest and attack for you (depending on your group size of course) seems like a really cool idea and one I've not seen suggested on RingsDB before. I'm curious to see what you decide to do with it :)

Nov 04, 2016 toxiczammy 174

@Wolves This deck is not meant to be played alone and I may need Dúnedain Warning for the fellowship because of some of the enemies, but I am not worrying about attack. I figure one of my friends will bring a deck with plenty of ranged keywords, and if I need to get rid of a non-unique enemy (without their help) I have Helm! Helm!.

Also, between Théodred and Théoden's abilities I can afford most cards without spending much from Beregond because all of my allies will be at a cost of two or less. Essentially, the only three cost card in the deck is [Astonishing Speed].(/card/02122) If I had card draw I would be more worried about Beregond's resources.

Questing is low at first, but once I get allies out, it ramps up a bit, plus I have used Astonishing Speed to great effect when the group is in need of a boost. This effect is magnified if there are more Rohan players in the game..

@D4rkWolf10 I have many Beregond decks and most of my friends enjoy the privileged life of resolving their own defense. This will be more of a challenge in a Fellowship event.

Nov 04, 2016 Wolves 27

Yes I saw it a bit too late that the deck is part of a fellowship with your friend, so indeed, the deck doesn't need to worry about attack much if your friend has that covered.

And I agree that the Théo's abilities do take care of a significant part of your resource vs cost issues, great combination when taking into account the lack of card drawing. It should leave Beregond with some resources to spare at any time.

Big enemies may still give you some issues since Beregond isn't buffed up much, but I guess that the deck has solutions to take care of that such as Desperate Defense.

Questing does remain low though, even for a fellowship deck. Astonishing speed definitely helps occasionally, but even your allies have relatively low will power to add.

Nevertheless, In any case, well done, I really like the deck theme and setup. It's way better build than I initially noted, my apologies for that. I was a bit too focused on solo decks of late, which this deck was never intended to be :)

Nov 04, 2016 D4rkWolf10 479

@toxiczammy, you at least made the wheels turn in my head for my Shield Wall of Gondor deck list. It won't be what I take to my Fellowship event but it was still fun to dream up. Check it out and see what you think, if you play Beregond a lot maybe it'll fit more to your play style :)

Nov 05, 2016 toxiczammy 174

@Wolves I appreciate the critique though, explaining how the deck works solidified certain aspects of it in my mind. I think I will probably bring a different deck. The future is extremely uncertain.

@D4rkWolf10 I am glad to grind your wheels. I like to throw shit against the wall and see if any of it sticks. Sometimes it doesn't. I'll be sure to take a look!