Bilbo's Hospital(ity) JtR

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Wrath and Ruin 2
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Bilbo's Hospital(ity) CatC 0 0 0 2.0
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Glorfindel's Hospital tHoEM 0 0 0 2.0
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Carder89 102

Carder89 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Glorfindel's Hospital tHoEM

This deck can do well in the Rhosgobel scenario, but it needs support from a good questing deck. You need to quest either very fast or very precise to gather enough healing to heal Wilyador in one go. This deck is good at drawing its healing cards and supporting questing or dealing with the creatures that you encounter.

With healing, Citadel Plate, DĂșnedain Warning, and A Burning Brand, Bilbo becomes a good defender that keeps drawing the group cards. However, he is far less effective on the defense because he has no ranged. As there are a lot of damage-dealing treacheries in this quest, healing is necessary. Safe Lore of Imladris for Wilyador, but use Glorfindel, Self Preservation and Daughter of the Nimrodel to keep your heroes and allies alive, though many 1 health allies will die pretty quickly. This deck splashes leadership to play the signals and Steward of Gondor (which helps pay for Glorfindel's ability and expensive Lore allies).