Duo - Dual Sphere Noldor - Deck2

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Gondor at the service of Noldor
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Elran 95

Elran has a newer deck inspired by this one: Duo - Dual Sphere Noldor - Deck2

The whole idea here is to support your co-player. This deck is managing the quest, the heal, cancels and the threat level :

  • Questing : Arwen Undómiel will be your number 1 character in the quest supported by Galdor of the Havens and if needed Galadriel with her ring Nenya. Don't forget to apply her passive that allows allies you control to not exhaust to commit to the quest during the round they enter play. Lindon Navigator and Sailor of Lune once in play will be very useful as well especially if you manage properly your discard pile.

  • Discard : Noldor mechanic is based on discarding cards from your hands to activate effects or playing cards from your discard pile.

  • Heal : You will heal the all table with Imladris Caregiver and Ioreth.


If taking back some cards from your discard pile is not your priority, swap Dwarven Tomb with Heed the Dream.