Na'asiyah + Firefoot but I own all the cards

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Diamondore12 16

(Please note that I used the starter deck versions of cards in my decklist for ease of deckbuilding, if you like to read a card's reviews like I do you may need to open a new tab and go to the original card page. I did tag the original versions down here though where I mention them)

Thanks to @Taurelin for the inspiration. Saw their deck and realized I owned most of the cards with my measly collection of Revised Core + starter decks + Dream-Chaser heros. Did a little bit of editing to remove the cards I don't have and voila! I tried to go for the similar ideas to the removed cards and I think I did a pretty good job.

The War Axe kind of replicates the attack raises from DĂșnedain Mark. I added We Are Not Idle for "card draw" instead of Elven-light. I originally replaced DĂșnedain Warning with Tides of Fate to give a pseudo defense boost against Shadow cards that raise attack but ultimately decided to put in 1x Windfola to help with questing and 2x Captain of Gondor to add some defense, albeit only to Na'asiyah, but the other effect that Captain brings is arguably better: +1 attack when you optionally engage an enemy. We'll want to be doing this anyways so we can gleefully murder things with our Killer Queen. And win the game too I guess. Plus if theres 2 enemies in the staging area we will want to get them engaged with us both so questing is feasible and so Firefoot can really shine. Also (now that you've probably forgotten that I was talking about replacing a defense boosting card in the first place) Gondorian Shield from the sideboard can be subbed in for something if you want the defense boost on Denethor.

Speaking of the sideboard, I included some cool ideas that could also work. Horn of Gondor works especially well with all the low HP allies that are just begging to be used as encounter deck fodder (I'm looking at you Necromancer's Reach) when they arent keeping your barely functional questing going. Cram is free one time readying which can be nice, but Unexpected Courage is generally better. Although against Shadow effects that discard attachments losing a free attachment feels better than Firefoot or Steward of Gondor. Ancient Mathom is extra card draw, although when our questing is already looking kinda sus this card maybe doesn't improve the odds of us not getting ejected into space, I mean from the game. I kept Elven-light in the sideboard as I may consider proxying it with one of my other cards (like the HALT! cards from the starter decks) to see how much it improves the deck.

I also included other potentially useful allies that could work. Especially Galadriel's Handmaiden for some threat reduction. Maybe don't try Greenwood Archer though unless you hate Gandalf and plan on sneak attacking it in instead. Or you just really despise the Caught in a Web treachery card from the Core Set like I do.

Also don't make the mistake I did of thinking that Steward of Gondor goes on Denethor. I originally thought that Steward was to help Denethor pay for allies and extra resources could be sent to Na'asiyah through Denethor's ability. Exceeeeept she doesn't have the necessary Gondor trait. Sadly Captain of Gondor doesn't add the trait either (bogus I say!). Regardless, it's better to slap it on Na'asiyah anyways so she can actually overkill things with the extra 2 resources and activate Firefoot.

Also also, given the fact that I have 3 different Mount cards in the deck, I'm very much thinking about building an Elfhelm deck that's better at questing to play alongside this one, so stay tuned for that if you're interested. Or build one yourself and let me know!

Thanks for reading my excessively long essay. Comments are welcome.


Oct 01, 2023 RunningOnFumes 1

Hey, I had a similar idea using most of the same heroes but with Elfhelm instead of Eowyn; I can see that you've got a very similar collection to me as I was late to the party, so I was really happy to see this posted and try it out on Passage through Mirkwood! Had an absolute blast with the deck and smashed through Passage, but came a cropper when I tried it on journey - I find it's struggles with questing when there's a built up staging area, so I'm not sure what you could do to change this without compromising the integrity of the idea for this deck. High willpower allies might shift the attack-heavy focus a little too much, but that's kind of what it needs to stop it being overwhelmed by lots of threat. Either that or I was just playing badly, which is absolutely a possibility! Anyway, I hope you do release an accompanying Elfhelm deck, or maybe an Elfhelm variant of this one. Thanks for posting!

Oct 03, 2023 Diamondore12 16

Hiya @RunningOnFumes! Thanks for checking out my deck! Don't worry about piloting it poorly, I had the same problem with Journey, the questing is just that awful. Cool idea putting Elfhelm in instead of Eowyn for the mounted bonus and presumably more expensive but better questing allies like Faramir. I'm working on a Lothriel Elfhelm deck of some kind to play with this one at an upcoming game night, as well as the better questing version of this one. For the upgrade I'm leaning towards putting Steward on Denethor ala my original mistake to pay for better allies but also granting Na'asiyah the Gondor trait so Denethor can pass her that good stuff for offense. I'll be testing it to find out if it's a good idea though, and I'll post all mentioned decks within a week or two!