Heal Glóin

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Glóin Hangs Still
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apparentlyalvin 75

This deck is intended to be played in my "Glóin Hangs Still" fellowship, in which the eponymous dwarf plays Doom Hangs Still to get through tough quests.

This deck exists to make sure that key combo pieces named Doom Hangs Still are in drawn in time and to heal Glóin so that he can keep converting damage into resources.

Glóin receives the first Ent Draught and Song of Healing, and all of the Selves Preservation.

Elrond and Treebeard are expected to defend a few attacks. The ent allies are as well, but playing those is lowest on this deck's list of priorities.

Always be sure to pester the Glóin player for Bifur alms. If they get uppity, remind them that they are contributing to Glóin's "Being Healed" fund.