Kill for Glóin

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Glóin Hangs Still
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apparentlyalvin 75

This deck is intended to be played in my "Glóin Hangs Still" fellowship, in which the eponymous dwarf plays Doom Hangs Still to get through tough quests.

This deck exists to put progress on the quest, particularly on turns when the quest phase is skipped via Doom Hangs Still.

Look for a Song of Mocking early on so that Glóin can soak up damage from across the board, basically giving him the sentinel keyword and also making him mad bucks.

Legolas should participate in every combat. Merry receives all of the Rohan Warhorses and fights alongside Legolas so that he can ready the elf -- basically giving Legolas three free restricted slots for mounts. Maybe put one warhorse on Legolas so that he can Quick Strike or have his Hands Upon the Bow to get rid of troublesome enemies out of sequence, and still participate in regularly-scheduled fights with Merry later on.

Legolas receives The One Ring. Fetch Strength and Courage during setup, and he can one-shot surprisingly tough enemies from turn 1.

After enemies have attacked you, Aragorn can make a Quick Strike to steal an enemy from a player who hasn't been attacked yet -- basically a free Feint. The Rivendell Bows are there so Aragorn can do this at range.