A Fellowship of Sheer Power (My Tweaks 2.0)

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prestovenger 35

This is an awesome deck. I made my own tweaks. Let's see if it stays awesome ;-) 11/18/23 - Dropped one A Test of Will to add Glamdring. Let's see how this works!


Nov 21, 2023 doomguard 1758

its one of the strongest herosetup (without Alep) there is. would not exchange A Test of Will for Glamdring. guarded is specially in sole mostly not worth it. if you think you need more attack for heroes, take a weapon or sign (Dagger of Westernesse DĂșnedain Mark or if it should go to Glorfindel a Rivendell Blade.

if its about the carddraw, include Expert Treasure-hunter (alsomst an autoinclude in Gandalf -decks

would not use Knight of the White Tower, for fighting there is enough other around and for questing/other task i recomand the Rhovanion Outrider, is could also be played regulary and not only with vilya.

i like you are not using steward. would include 1-3 Hidden Cache for more res. i see no really relevant use in Rumour from the Earth and Flame of Anor

would consider Elven-light (can be discarded with Daeron's Runes or Zigil Miner perhaps even usage of Wizard Pipe before)