But no living man am I! (Thematic Pelennor Fields)

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tomdidiot 13

The final deck of my thematic Battle of the Pelennor Fields Quartet - this is themed around Théoden leading the charge of the Rohirrim, and Éowyn and Merry's defiance of the witch king. in-game they probably do need a little bit of help from Aragorn to do it.

Théoden's discount lets you play out your Rohan allies, and Horn of the Mark is excellent in a four-player game where there is sure to be something leaving play at some point. Westfold Horse-breeder gets out Windfolafor Eowyn, Snowmanefor Theoden and Firefoot for Eomer, who lives in the Dunedain deck. Golden Shield and Herugrim are Theoden's toys and give him a lot of flexibility.

Sterner than Steel helps with shadow cancellation, but is actually pretty situational in the deck, because Golden Shield requires you to exhaust it for the defence boost, so is only really useful if you have both Herugrum and Shield on him at the same time. Hour of Wrath is for Eowyn's super-turn.

Éomundis a bit of a cheat card, because he's been dead for about 20 years when the battle takes place, but he has such a critical effect for the Rohan decks that I felt I kind of needed to include him. I never actually drew him and didn't play him in the quest though, so I guess you could cut him for a generic Rider of Rohan instead.

Changes I'd make

-2 Éomund

+2 Rider of Rohan for thematic purposes

-2 Sterner than Steel - Theoden is your primary defender, and Golden Shield needs to exhaust to boost his defence. Means that he can only use this if he has Herugrim on, and Herugrim + Golden Shield is a really clunky combo.

+2 Hasty Stroke - same effect but in blue.

This deck will be buildable with revised content only when the Return of the King saga is released!


Feb 19, 2024 doomguard 1963

giving her Herugrim and merry 2 Dagger of Westernesse + Halfling Determination that is enough for the hallofbeorn.com to kill in a single attack from both