The Land of Stone

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Wizenedstaff 30

This deck was built for two main reasons. I hadn't built a tri-sphere deck in a while and I had only once built a deck with specialist heroes: one strong quester, one strong attacker and one strong defender. In that spirit, I went for a deck that played to Gondor's ally swarm strength but that also allowed the heroes to be built up. Denethor's distribution ability is great for tri-sphere Gondor, especially when he has Steward of Gondor. Lothiriel and Imrahil give you real peace of mind, as you're always stronger than your board state, or at least you can be if you so choose. Denethor, Imrahil and Lothiriel can be beefed up with Gondorian Shield, Sword of NĂºmenor and Silver Circlet respectively. Unexpected Courage really makes this deck more hero-dependent than I usually am. It's great fun, I found! There is some threat reduction with The Galadhrim's Greeting and some card draw with Ancient Mathom, but this is mainly a deck that directly goes to strong questing and fighting each round. Visionary Leadership is of course great and Honour Guard can help Denethor soak up any defensive damage. Imrahil can bring in an ally to help dispatch heftier enemies as well. It's a simple build but feels valiant and fun!