Legion of Heroes

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Arrhias 100

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This deck use the capacity of Elrond to pay any Ally.

Denethor is use to optain Steward of Gondor and defend. A good hand have this card.

So, you have 4 ressources on Elrond (pay 2 to put Steward of Gondor on Elrond, exhaust this card and you can give a ressource of Denethor to Elrond because is a gondor. And you can pay an unique Ally cost 4.

Resourceful and Timely Aid can play with Vanish from Sight.

So with Resourceful Elrond have 5 ressources at the start of the round.

Conclusion at each round you have an ally arrive, Without Vilya.

Vilya can play the first card of this game so 50% to give an ally or Resourceful and Timely Aid without secrecy.

To ready after Vilya play, Heir of Mardil + capa of Denethor or Steward of Gondor or Strider

And to optimise you collect ally you have A very good Tale.

Good game.


Mar 10, 2017 WanderingTook 932

This deck has been featured in a Cardboard of the Rings spotlight article: cardboardoftherings.com

Mar 11, 2017 Arrhias 100

Ah... I did not know this website. Thank to have publish here :)