Defenders of middle earth

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Patient Zero 1

This deck is focused on having 2 heroes defend the bulk of the attacks beefing them up to take some major punishment with Captain of Gondor, Dúnedain Warning, Gondorian Shield, Raiment of War and Raven-winged Helm. Resource production is very easy to achive with Steward of Gondor and #the days rising and with Roheryngiving Aragorn tactics will help smooth out red resource managment and #o lorien making most allies cheaper. Questing and killing things are for Aragorn with Celebrían's Stone and Dúnedain Markboosting his quest and attacks, keeping him ready is easy with his own abaility, Armored DestrierSteed of the North. Aragorn is but one man so almost all the allies are attckers with ranged. This deck is a poor questing deck and draw power is much desired, this deck is best played with a dedicated questing deck and a location managment deck.