Grima the Ever-Faithful

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Faithful Servant of Rohan 66 45 10 1.0
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Zukin 104

This deck substitutes Éowyn for Théodred.

Everyone likes card draw and there's only one servant of Rohan who can provide it in the necessary quantities, he has the Dark Knowledge and Deep Knowledge to save lives and provide answers. I'm talking of course of the most loyal advisor Gríma.

His favourite thing to do is send Théodred and his gang on a Valiant Sacrifice or to fetch Grimas best pal Gandalf through a Sneak Attack. All in the name of Rohan and card draw of course.

But in general, once Théoden has remembered where he has put his Keys of Orthanc the deck gets going. Use Theodred to throw resources his dads way and make use of your advisor to get that reduction. Eventually you'll end up with plenty of cards and answers, all thanks to one of the most under rated heroes in the game, whose only ever wanted to serve you faithfully.