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Roka 727

Introduction: This deck was inspired by the Article "Arts of the enemy: Part 1" by Tales from the cards. Check it out here. It is build to handle all aspects of the game from round one by reaching the mentioned "magic numbers".

Hero Selection: Thorin Stonehelm is a hero which didn't impress me at first, until I realized his uniqueness and the potential that comes with that. He is the only hero in the game that can reach without any additional cards effectively an attack of 4 and can carry restricted attachments. This allows to attack with help from any Dwarven Weapon or 2 cost/2 attack ally for the magic number of 6 attack on round one, allowing him to kill most enemies and potentially triggering Foe-hammer.

Éowyn is the best solution to get us to the magic questing number of 5 by discarding a card, considering most encounter cards have 2 or 3 threat and standart quests start with 2 encounter cards per player (one from setup and one from staging) on round one.

The last hero should have the abilty to defend one attack right from the start and should be in the Tactics sphere to play the cards to help Thorin, which makes Beregond the obvious solution. I think no more words need to be said about this defending machine.

This also puts our threat just barely below the magic enemy engagement number of 30 (I'm looking at you Hill-troll)

The other cards: With the heroes not needing much help or attachments to work, we can simply ad some of the most cheap and useful allies: cheap questers like Silvan Refugee, Galadriel's Handmaiden and Ethir Swordsman, the mentioned 2 ressource/2 attack allies Galadhon Archer and Westfold Outrider, as well as the most underpriced defending ally, Defender of Rammas.

We add some card draw and searching, cancellation, and in lack of healing in this two spheres damage cancellation.