Gondor Swarm 2018

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Seastan 18136

This is the status of my Gondor Swarm deck in 2018.

Mulligan for Captain's Wisdom so that you can make the most out of your starting hand, but consider keeping an otherwise good hand with Steward of Gondor.

The general strategy is to get out a huge swarm of cheap allies and then give them global buffs.

Heir of Mardil goes on Boromir so that Denethor can use his ability to ready him.

Works great in both solo and multiplayer.


Sep 25, 2018 Mavwick 4

Looks great!

I stumbled into a collection recently and could only build the 2016 version: ringsdb.com

I threw in Gildor over Sam for card draw, and because Sam wasn't untapping enough. Is there still value in an all-Leadership Gondor deck in 2018? Strength of Arms is kind of worth the effort.

Sep 25, 2018 Seastan 18136

@MavwickGildor is a great way to get card draw into a mono-leadership deck, and Strength of Arms is indeed a great card. You would also gain access to cheap Tome of Atanatar to recur A Very Good Tale.

If deciding between Erestor and Gildor for the third hero, I think Erestor gets you a more consistent start, and access to healing. Gildor will result in a deck that is a little slower to ramp up, especially if the reduced card draw means that it takes you one or two more turns on average to find Steward. But it likely has a stronger late game due to Strength of Arms.

Ultimately, I think the Erestor deck is better, as late game is generally not a problem for either deck.