Into Ithilien - Progression Style


Progression style for the scenario "Into Ithilien" (HoN)

The decks in this fellowship focus on the following aspects:

  1. battle questing (especially being able to explore Ithilien Road in the first quest phase)
  2. direct damage and the option to redistribute damage to where it is needed
  3. cancelling the most nastiest shadow effects (progress removal, threat increase, additional attack)

Tactics/Spirit should mulligan for Light of Valinor or Feint, Leadership/Lore for Ithilien Tracker which can (and should) be played in the first turn using Bifur's ability. Eeach deck can handle being engaged with one enemy. Rivendell Blade works well on Glorfindel and DĂșnedain Mark on Prince Imrahil. DĂșnedain Warning should go on Bifur. Infighting helps to take enemies down.