The Morgul Vale - Progression Style


"The Morgul Vale", progression style

The tactics deck focusses on the following aspects:

  1. direct damage
  2. keeping the stageing area as clear as possible

The lore/spirit deck focusses on the following aspects:

  1. questing and quest support
  2. battle control and battle support

Tactics should mulligan for Feint or Thicket of Spears. Early access to some weapon, preferably a Spear of the Citadel, is nice to have to support in combat. Recycle Feint or Thicket of Spears with Book of Eldacar, once the Nazgûl has arrived a Goblin-cleaver or Rain of Arrows might be the better card to recycle. Spare at least one Gandalf for the Nazgûl as well as one Goblin-cleaver and one Rain of Arrows. Avoid attacking with Vassal of the Windlord as those are the only ranged allies and you need them for Rain of Arrows.

Lore/spirit should mulligan for at least one of Light of Valinor, Forest Snare and Ithilien Tracker, where the Forest Snare is top priority. Keep Asfaloth ready to neutralize a sudden Orc War Camp. Impenetrable Fog and Sleepless Malice are top targets for A Test of Will. Shadow effects to take care of are mainly those of the Morgul Bodyguard since that one will mess up your combat planning. Prevent the first two bosses from attacking with Forest Snare. Recycle Forest Snare with Erebor Hammersmith if possible. Spare at least one Infighting for the Nazgûl.