Crushed Angmar Awakened Campaign!!!!!


I just finished playing the Angmar Awakened campaign with theses two decks, and let me just say: they steamrolled it! Every Quest was beaten in two attempts or less (yes, even Carn Dum!!!), and most in just one. No heroes were killed, most of the boons were earned (I was only barely robbed of one in Treachery of Rhuduar), and it was definitely easier than I thought it would be.

The Dunedain were the combat stars. I included two heroes because I think that while Dunedain can be great they struggle sometimes, and the extra help was crucial. Also, Hirgon is one of my absolute favorite heroes--he's just so good! These Dunedain were able to pound Thaurdir into the ground multiple times, easily defeat Daechanara as well. Halbarad was my hero for the majority of the game, until The Battle of Carn Dum, when I swapped him for Amarthiúl. That allowed me to get Thicket of Spears, and just made the deck a lot better AND more thematic. Straight Shot was used for The Dread Realm

Silvan were stellar, as usual, and with the low threat and boosts from Glorfindel as well as the card draw from Beravor, they had no trouble getting out clutch attachments like O Lorien and making questing a breeze. Every game they were consistent, and did amazing.

Honestly, I was really surprised at how well I did! I was expecting it to be a pretty hard campaign, especially with the last two quests but it really wasn't. It was still a ton of fun though, especially for someone who has never played the cycle before (I missed out on it the first time around), and the campaign cards were awesome!!!

Win Attempts

Intruders in Chetwood: 1

The Weather Hills: 2

Deadman's Dike: 1

The Wastes of Eriador: 1

Escape from Mount Gram: 2 (got very unlucky and drew orc ambush at the last stage, as well as being overrun by enemies)

Across the Ettenmoors: 1

The Treachery of Rhudaur: 1

The Battle of Carn Dum: 2 (Hirgon was killed early on in the first attempt due to un unlucky treachery, so I started over)

The Dread Realm: 1


Sep 02, 2022 doomguard 1619

i like combine silvans with beravor! would put the tactic-silvans in the dunedaindeck, Celeborn bonus count for them too.

Sep 02, 2022 doomguard 1619

and, i doing so, consider Sneak Attack its a banger with Marksman of Lórien specially if there is a Straight Shot around, but even without they are with bonus o Celeborn like a str 6 attack (against defense of 2 or more, with Aragorn up to 7)

Sep 08, 2022 NERD 676

Tale of Tinúviel could be a great card for the Silvan deck. Readying and boosting Aragorn or Beravor could be incredible.

Sep 09, 2022 BlackArrow 283

Funny thing, I put Tale of Tinúviel in my decks for a couple quests, thinking the same thing, but I never ended up using it! Don't really know why...Anyway, it was either that or Fair and Perilous

Sep 22, 2022 DeweyDecimated 1

Decided to give these decks a go. We are getting absolutely crushed at Deadmen’s Dike. Any tips? It feels pretty hopeless. Looks like you cleared it in one go :D