Straight Shot

Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Exhaust a Weapon attachment to choose a non-unique enemy with 0 . Discard the chosen enemy.

In it smote and vanished, barb, shaft and feather, so fierce was its flight. The Hobbit
Ilich Henriquez

On the Doorstep #9. Tactics.

Straight Shot

One of those frustrating cards that's mostly dependent on which quest you're playing... The idea is appealing, but as you get further into the game chronologically, it's less and less likely to find an eligible target. That said, you can force it to work if paired with Bard the Bowman (found in the same pack,) Aragorn, or Rivendell Blade. Whether it's worth building around is questionable, but if you happen to be running those, maybe consider trying this out.

You're forgetting about the Marksman of Lorien. He also has a huge advantage (compared to Bard and the Rivendell Blade) that his effect can be triggered before enemy attacks, so he can save you a defence. — Goggen 113
That's a woman. — eddyvan 33

Straight Shot is a fantastic tech card. A tech card, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a card that is included in a deck because it is uniquely suited for a specific scenario or situation. It is a silver bullet, an efficient and powerful answer to a problem but is a but otherwise is not generally useful. Unlike cards such as A Test of Will or Steward of Gondor which are generically powerful (there are very few decks that do not become more powerful with their inclusion), there are many decks that become a lot worse and more inconsistent with this card's inclusion.

It's therefore, in those specific scenarios where Straight Shot shines. It is very much a tech card akin to cards such as The Great Hunt or A Elbereth! Gilthoniel!, a card to kill a very difficult enemy easily under specific conditions. The condition in this case is that enemies must have 0 . On it's own, the number of enemies that this can kill is relatively small (I'm looking at you Dread Realm Dwimmerlaik). However, as the other reviews have pointed out, there are a suite of cards that can boost the efficacy of this card. Aragorn, Bard the Bowman, Rivendell Blade and Marksman of Lórien can all reduce the of enemies, allowing for a greater range of targets to be sniped. Aragorn and the marksman are particulary effective, allowing you to kill an enemy before the combat phase, effectively avoiding an attack. Teching in out of combat phase attackers such as Quick Strike will allow you to use Rivendell blade or Bard to kill enemies before they attack (although I believe Bard's ability does not trigger attacking the staging area, so his ability is limited to enemies engaged with other players).

Using the above efficacy increases, Straight Shot becomes an incredible tech card against large enemies.

Horrible, big Mumaks that take turns to kill? BAM!! Shot with a silver bullet!

Nasty Trolls and Giants with a ton of health that will stomp on your dudes? BAM!! Shot with a silver bullet!

Nazgul screeching down your back, looking for your shiny new jewellery? BAM!! Shot with a silver bullet!

Straight shot is a fun card on quests where you tech it in and fully support it. Give it a go and have fun. Just don't waste your bullets on the little chumps.

(I do regognise the funny flaw in the silver bullet analogy, as most things that will die to a normal bullet will die to a silver one. But eh, the point still stands.)

Kyeamo 14