Mount Doom Fellowship

frozen 128


This is the fellowship I used to finally defeat Mount Doom, in 6 rounds. It took 10 total tries but this last iteration of the decks won after 3 tries.

Hobbit Deck

The goal is to dig through the deck for Fast Hitch and willpower boosting cards like Protector of Lórien.


Bill is there for hit points or as a 0 cost discard to the treachery that discards a questing ally. Gaffer can be brought in with Raise the Shire as a backup Feint. Rosie does what Rosie does.


Fast Hitch is the most important card in the deck so that we can use a second action to pass Fortitude tests. They should go on whoever you boost the willpower of, but one should be on Frodo so that we can have a ready ring bearer for some treacheries that require us to exhaust him. Cram would typically be played on Eowyn in the other deck. Willpower boosting attachments should always be played before others, then defense boosting attachments next. We will mostly be ignoring enemies.


Mostly self explanatory card draw, Halfling Determination can finally be great since it can boost us during questing and any fortitude tests.

Support Deck

The goal of this deck is to use Meneldor or 2 other allies to trigger The Free Peoples while we have the Ring bearer. Typically I would try to trigger this during quest stage 3 (so that all characters are ready for the Mount Doom travel fortitude test), but it isn't a total loss if the cards don't line up.


I left Gandalf in for the sneak attack potential and because he is good with Faramir's ability, but I didn't end up using him in my winning run. Legolas and Gimli are only there because of restrictions I put on myself to always have each fellowship member in my decks. The only important ally is Meneldor. Sneak Attack him in during the combat phase for 2 damage and to clear an Orc Hold or Brake of Thorns. I liked the idea of Northern Tracker helping with locations but it's just too slow.


If you get lucky and draw Steward of Gondor, put it on a hero with Song of Hope, ideally Eowyn. If Fellowship of the ring is in hand, use Frodo's ability to afford it, it's worth the exhausted ring. Use Miruvor like Cram, I wouldn't put it back on top the deck.


Again these are pretty self explanatory. Power of Orthanc gets rid of the treachery that will find it's way onto Sam in all likelihood. Otherwise they're mostly the expected group of readying and cancellation.

Campaign Cards

Tireless Ranger on Sam, Noble Hero and Leader of Men on Eowyn, Beyond All Hope on Faramir.