Fellowship of the Eagle

Carder89 104


This fellowship sometimes has a little trouble getting enough willpower into play. Also beware of sending the Hobbits questing as there are lots of damaging treacheries in JtR.

Prince Imrahil does his thing of readying but is unable to do much against the bird enemies in the encounter deck, but he can defend and attack other enemies. The deck generates lots of resources, and access to Lore, also allows you to play Lore of Imladris. Beravor with Steward of Gondor was able to play 2 of the three Lore of Imladris needed to finish the quest.

With all the damage from treacheries, Gimli was able to power up quickly. However, just like Imrahil he was unable to reach the bird enemies. Tactics at this point does have access to Winged Guardian to defend. Furthermore both decks have ranged characters that can reach the birds as well. Finally Bilbo Baggins boosts draw power for all decks in order to find Lore of Imladris.

Both Denethor and Eleanor can deal with many damaging treacheries. Of course the deck provides A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke. Éowyn instead of Frodo Baggins might have been a better choice to boost WP. However, Frodo can shrug off one of the treacheries per phase.

Quest as much as you can and find your Lore of Imladris. Don't count on finding Athelas, but if you do it is nice.