3 istari grey wandering (with aleP)

doomguard 1626


classical fellowship without aleP-cards is here: https://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/10968

this version is meant to make with 2 sets of cards

(main changes are the use of A Lesson in Caution and eagleallies Veteran Eagle and Messenger of Manwë

gandalf choose Strider, radagast a Wizard Pipe for gandalf and saruman takes Song of Kings.

try to play as much Resourceful and Timely Aid as possible as long you where in secrecy. gandalf should combine it with the pipe because the ratio of allies is not as high as in the other decks.

  • the radagastdeck have to choose if it plays a timely aid or one of the tactic-events per round.

  • with the pipe from start, the gandalfdeck has many options and can optimize the playing of the spherecards and timely aid

  • saruman should try to play a doomed event every round, optimally after gaining his Saruman's Staff and at best start with Deep Knowledge be aware, that Defiant Challenge readies 4 characters at all (saruman by default and then each player 1 character). Close Call can be played for 0 and is then a free readying for saruman

  • as soon as a Eagles of the Misty Mountains is out, let Wilyador go as often as possible


May 04, 2023 Ipswatch 319

Love this setup. Istari are probably my favorite group to play, and it would be fun to play a three person game with each running one of these decks. I'm going to play a few games with each of these!

May 05, 2023 doomguard 1626

playing solo, you can buf a bit: