Don't make them mad

PablOvi 446


A pretty straightforward fellowship of dwarves with almost every dwarf character that can be found in the game. I just was looking for having two pre-built dwarven decks, avoiding duplicated cards between them.

Both decks work pretty well by their own, and there are some specific cards that improve both of them when working together (Hardy Leadership, Lure of Moria).

Then there are several allies having actions that can be triggered/applied by any player (Azain Silverbeard, Erebor Hammersmith, Erebor Record Keeper, Miner of the Iron Hills), and there are also the sentinel ones (Dwalin, Erebor Guard).

Cram is probably better to be used on Dáin Ironfoot and the Dwarrowdelf Axe is a good option for Thorin Stonehelm or Gimli). The resources generated by We Are Not Idle can be also added to any of the 6 heroes.

See detailed descriptions on each separate deck: