The Fate of Númenor progression


These decks have a higher amount of costlier cards to counter the punishing mechanics of this quest, however even when those mechanics trigger, it's usually not a big deal. You might want to quest against player side quests when you can so as to not waste your questing power.

General gameplan: Dúnedains handle the necessary combat, possibly keeping a few (snared) engaged enemies, aided by Haldir (boosted with the Bow of the Galadhrim). Characters quest. Eleanor cancels the worst. Find the Shrine quickly with Northern Trackers/Asfaloth/Rangers of the North. Win.

Idraen deck - notable cards:

Arwen Undómiel boosts Amartihúl

Northern Tracker helps peeking at the Uncharted locations.

Forest Snare is played across the table to help out the Dúnedains.

Ranger Bow can go on East Road Ranger or Idraen - possibly clearing the last hitpoint your boosted Haldir's attack didn't cover. Idraen often readies after questing but doesn't have much to do, so she is a fine target.

Song of Wisdom goes on Eleanor who pays for most cards.

Unexpected Courage is almost unnecessary but the Dúnedain heroes / Haldir are the best targets.

Dúnedains - notable cards:

Ranger Summons / Ranger of the North work nicely in this quest as the encounter deck is very thin.

Bow of the Galadhrims go on Haldir.

Gondorian Shield can be attached to Amartiúl/Aragorn/Eleanor.

Steward of Gondor goes on Eleanor, while Heir of Valandil helps the Dúnedains (usually not very necessary).