Best 2P-Fellowship - One Revised Core (MD - Fellowship)

Mormegil 3445


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Preferred Player Count: 2-4

Rating: .5


You only have one Revised Core Set but still want to play with 2 players (or try the game playing two decks simultaneously? This might just be the 2P-Fellowship for you! Deck 1 will handle most of the questing and resource acceleration (through Éowyn, Théodred, Aragorn, your many allies and Steward of Gondor while Deck 2 keeps a lid on enemies with Denethor as a strong defensive option alongside the attacking prowess of Legolas and your many allies. It also runs Beravor as a great supporting option for whatever deck, ensuring that both decks see their center pieces as early as possible.

How To Play

The spirit-leadership deck likes to see Steward of Gondor as soon as possible, which is why I usually mulligan for it. There are other hands I am also inclined to keep (like having Sneak Attack and Gandalf both in your opening hand), but Steward is the card you need the most since Deck 1 is on the expensive side (which is hard to avoid with only a Core Set). Deck 2 is not built around a single card as much, I do try to have a few strong allies in my opening with that deck since your heroes can struggle a bit with combat on their own.


Because of your cards are already in use, there are very few cards I would consider including from the sideboard. The only real changes I could see are including either For Gondor! or Gimli if you are lacking attack power (which can definitely happen here).