The christmas tree

askelad 13


still toying around with the Erestor+Beregond core.

We take a small risk not having a hero in the erestor deck, needing Song of Battle or Roheryn to show up quickly enough, with the pay-off of being able to play Steward of Gondor very consistently.

as usual Arwen Undómiel is a no-brainer with Erestor, as is Glorfindel in the pay-offs because of the excellents Light of Valinor and Asfaloth

i chose Treebeard for the last hero because we could afford a high-threat hero and the erestor deck provides Ioreth quickly. Also it's a tree so it stays in the christmas theme.

i'm playing Strider mostly to make shikifuyin angry but it's also a 1 Celebrían's Stone since we don't play allies in the erestor deck.

with a lot of readying effects available quickly and all the cheap attachments, Beregond, Treebeard and Glorfindel's high stats should handle early game quite well on all fronts. Past a few turns the high-synergy nature of the fellowship takes over and it becomes pretty much unstoppable barring really bad events missing their A Test of Will.

no sideboard/quest specific because testing is still ongoing, input welcome!