Janky Fun


The Fellowship is designed to keep threat as low as possible.

We start with 24 and 26 and have lots of tools for it go down from there.

Lot's of attachments mean we need a few turns to get setup for peak performance. But with the low threat and the amount of we can generate we almost always have the time to get setup.

We have card draw out of the gate with Galadriel and even more with the right opening hands.

We have an early defending Hero with Beregond and later we can have a second in Éowyn.

Our Main attack hero is Faramir given time to setup he'll be lethal on his own, and early on he and Glorfindel can dispatch plenty of foes.


Jun 16, 2020 Madd.Dawgg 9

May I suggest Frodo Baggins somewhere in the mix. I know he increases your threat, but the amount of utility he gives is difficult to explain. I've been using him for a few years now and I feel 'naked' when I don't have him. In a threat reducing strategy, trading threat for damage... it's really hard to explain how many bad situations it gets you outof.

A different idea, but for Blue Cheese (I know it's mono-s), Aragorn opens up access to Heirs of Earendil and native Lore. Heirs is great for just deleting a location (provided you can handle the threat increase, which your deck can, and you can then use his hard reset when needed). There are even locations that have 'when progress added' triggers that it totally ignores.

Really like the fellowship, very much may play-style as well. Cheers.

Jun 16, 2020 javajeffery 44

@Madd.Dawgg Thanks for the input. I do like and play both Frodo Baggins and Aragorn a lot. However, with this build I'm not trying to use threat as a resource I'm trying to maximize Faramir's ability by leaving things in staging.