Questing Rohan

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Cuacuani 2

This is my deck for a 4-player campaign series my group are about to embark on. We'll be starting with The Hobbit and attempting to beat each scenario in chronological order.

This deck will probably be doing the brunt of the location clearing and progress token generation. Obviously it's not that new or radical, being pretty bog standard Rohan. A few words on card selection:

First, the obvious, only two copies of Gandalf and zero copies of Sneak Attack as I'm sharing a Core Set with my wife, who is playing mondo-combo-wombo Outlands and so has grabbed those.

Only one copy of each unique ally, as Mustering the Rohirrim is effectively extra copies of each, without being a dead draw if I see multiple copies.

The deck has six Ride to Ruin targets, which I think is enough to warrant the full playset. The other big Rohan finisher cards are present - there's only two copies of We Do Not Sleep as I'm unlikely to see the 15 resources required to play three.

The other decks in the fellowship are mono-tactics dwarfs (dwarves?), the combo Outlands and one currently unknown deck, so I've tried to fit a bit of encounter-deck protection in my deck in the form of A Test of Will, Dawn Take You All, A Light in the Dark and Hasty Stroke. Hopefully that will help keep either myself or another player from getting ruined by an unlucky top-deck. I'm not really sold on A Light in the Dark, so that may wind up being cut.

Finally, Campfire Tales because drawing cards is fun and Parting Gifts because I don't want loads of resources sat on Théodred not doing anything.

Wish us luck, I fear we may need it.