Spirit of Beregond

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Mazarbul 33

This deck is part of a Fellowship, played alongside a deck that has: Aragorn, Beorn and Beravor. See Fellowship page below.

The focus of this deck is questing and defending.

Arwen Undómiel quest every round and can discard a card (preferably Elven-light) from her hand to add 1 resource to herself or Aragorn whoever need it the most.

Éowyn also quest every round and she has a great action that let both decks discard a card to boost her . Use that ability as soon as Elven-light is in your hand to be able to use that card's card draw Action.

Beregond is the main defender and when he has Gondorian Shield along with Unexpected Courage/Miruvor he won't be needing too much assistance from Beorn. Both of them have the sentinel keyword which is very useful and lets you decide who will take that big enemy attack. Beregonds Response is also nice and will keep the threat of the other deck from getting too high.

Arwen Undómiel:

  • No attachment is specifically aimed for her, but I bet she's the spoiled favorite child of her family. Why else would her brothers always make sure to be far away from the "last homely house east of the sea"?
    "The LEAST homely house" more like it.
  • Anyway...just give her Thrór's Key, Map of Earnil or maybe even Steward of Gondor just to keep her happy.
  • Protector of Lórien for a questing boost and enabling the card draw combo with Elven-light. Just because it's slightly more thematic on Arwen Undómiel than on her rival.


  • The same goes for Éowyn, but if she close her eyes and ask nicely maybe Dernhelm will let her borrow Windfola.


Imladris Stargazer is of great help when digging for missing pieces for both decks.

Thrór's Key. To be able to blank the textbox of a location and to be able to chose which location it gets attached to is at times very useful. As long as the nasty locations are not immune to card effects...

Desperate Defense can be crucial in the first couple of rounds, until the Gondorian Shield is found.

Fortune or Fate is of course for Beorn if he manage to not manage an enemy. But this is rarely used. He usually ends up with something like 7-8 damage but survives, and eventually lets Beregond handle all the defense.