[Beginner] All Reds Eagles

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olivierk 8

You know those mornings when you wake up and just want to play a deck with Legolas, Boromir and lots of eagles? When that voice in your head saying "why don't you develop more innovative deck" is just too tired to speak up? I took the opportunity of introducing a friend to the game to put up this deck in 5 minutes and accompany him through the quests of the Core Set. It was surprisingly powerful in combat (yet not overkill), and fun to play. Every Troll, Spider or Nazgul was taken care of quickly and properly.

The deck uses mainly cards from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle. The others (Defender of Rammas, Dwarrowdelf Axe, Rivendell Blade, Straight Shot) are not necessary and can easily be replaced if need be.

The idea is simple. Quest with Thalin every turn. Defend with Boromir (multiple times if you have to). Attack with Legolas (and Boromir if you have to). Play Radagast as early as possible in order to play more eagles.

For thematic reasons, Horn of Gondor goes on Boromir and Blade of Gondolin on Legolas. Dwarrowdelf Axe is there just in case, but mainly because it is easy on the eyes. Support of the Eagles goes either on Legolas or on Faramir depending on the quest.

This deck is quite straightforward to play, yet fun. Boromir's ability is especially interesting in terms of game choices since you never really feel powerless, but you have to calculate the cost of every extra actions.

All in all, this is a good combat deck, to be played in conjunction with a good questing deck.


Jan 04, 2017 BrandonB 13

I really like what you have going on here. You've got a bunch of heavy-hitters, and you'll have the resources to play them. I have a couple of suggestions if you're interested.

With only one copy of Dwarrowdelf Axe AND with Thalin questing all the time, you'll almost never get to play it. Yea, it can go on one of your two axehand allies, but they can die easily. I'd strongly recommend taking out the axe to put in a second Rivendell Blade.

Also, because your deck hits really hard, I don't think Thalin's ability is that useful to you. Certainly it's not worth 9 threat for one in questing. I'd strongly recommend Éowyn, 4 questing for only 6 threat. Or Aragorn since you'll be engaging and kill a lot of things. Plus Aragorn would feel thematic.

You've got plenty of allies, and multiple copies of most. I'd take up To the Eyrie and put in a second Landroval or Beorn to make sure you get to them.

Lastly, not too many enemies have zero shields (although it is more likely with Aragorn). I'd take out Straight Shot and one copy of Horn of Gondor (it's unique and you're not going to be resource starved anyway) and put in 3 Foe-hammer.