Arise, Riders of Theoden!

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Olórin 26

This deck were made to complete Elfhelm and his mounts. Other part of this fellowship can be found here Idea was to build deck that could stack up heroes with mounts and songs but challenge was too big for one deck. This deck covers songs and mounts and packs Unexpected Courage to get as many actions with your stacked heroes as possible.

Théoden was chosen to boost willpower of heroes even further. Éowyn was chosen as main quester because of her amazing and and low cost. She was made for this task. Beregond was last pick to this deck. I first thought to put Éowyn to this deck and Beregond but this swapping spheres shifted this engine to whole new gear.

Early game Éowyn contributes a lot to the questing of fellowship. Beregond is main defender and Théoden can be left to do what is needed to be done. Later on he will be given his Snowmane to do double duty. Golden Shield is usually given to Théoden because of his horse and sentinel keyword. Herugrim can either be given to Éowyn or Théoden with Unexpected Courage.


Feb 18, 2017 Yepesnopes 301

Hi, I would like to see your Elfhelm deck, can you publish it?

Feb 18, 2017 Olórin 26

@Yepesnopes Elfhelm deck can be found here:

It was already published but link in this deck's description was wrong. Thank you for noticing.