A Vigilant Dunadan Keeping Watch

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TheChad 4963

This deck is a Gondor swarm deck that utilizes the Keep Watch/Vigilant Dunadan combo.

When Keep Watch was spoiled I was very excited. This Side Quest seemed like one that would be worth the round of questing. I am happy to report that my gut reaction was correct. -1 to all non-unique enemies tips the game balance in the player's direction. A 3 enemy is now a 2, a wimpy 2 enemy is a pathetic 1. But what really makes this card shine, is Vigilant DĂșnadan. This 4 cost ally can defend without exhausting, and with 2 and 3 hitpoints he is pretty hardy. You add on that -1 and he can defend for days.

Opening Hand: Steward of Gondor, some cheap allies, A Very Good Tale is very good to see.

Play: Build an army worthy of Gondor, Citadel Custodian should be able to get in for free quickly.

Combos: Ranger of Cardolan can pop in thanks to Thurindir's Dunadain trait. The ranger stays in play until the end of the round, so he readies during the Refresh phase prior to leaving. Use A Very Good Tale at this time along with a Custodian to get 2 high cost allies into play.

Henneth Annûn Guard is a really good card in this deck, use his response to boost your Vigilant Dunadan into a defending beast.

Keep your defender alive with Honour Guards and Warden of Healing.

Have fun!


May 31, 2017 Sechen 123

Do you have a particular use in mind for Guardian of Ithilien, or is he just there as a cheap body who can soak up some of your green if you don't have an errand-rider?

May 31, 2017 TheChad 4963

he is a 1 cost Gondor ally, makes getting the Custodian's in play easier. Then he is a chump or with Visionary Leadership and Faramir he is questing for 2. But mainly...1 cost Gondor ally.

Jun 01, 2017 TheChad 4963

You can check out this deck in action here; www.youtube.com Steward of Gondor goes on the steward himself. Across the table ally Arwen is nice to have.

Jun 05, 2017 Pirate Brahm 864

A like and a favorite for some serious Dunny Dan defense on your latest video.

Jun 28, 2017 Morgothsfoot 8

Have you thought about putting Secret Vigil in the deck to help with your threat, or does the deck work fast enough to not worry about threating out?

Jun 30, 2017 TheChad 4963

Yeah, a 22 starting threat is low enough that I've not had to worry about threat. Thank you for the suggestion!