Outlands Insane

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Schatzhauser 4

This deck aims at swarming the board with Outlanders with the highest possible speed, taking advantage of the Stat-boosts most Outlanders offer to their peers. This deck almost always puts 4+ allies into play on the first turn and usually has 8-12 allies on board by turn 2. This allows for very strong starts that can quickly turn into a game-winnning advantage. Especially if you are able to put multiple copies of a stat-boosting Outlander into play (i.e. Ethir Swordsman or Knights of the Swan), questing or attacking for 15-20 points per turn is not unrealistic.

Gameplay advice:

  • Almost always play your free card-draw spells first in order to maximize your options before playing out your turn.
  • Sneak Attack is almost exclusively used with Gandalf, usually drawing cards during the first turns and managing your threat in the later turns.
  • Steward of Gondor usually goes on Hirluin the Fair. Not only can he now effortlessly pay for most of your allies, Denethor can now transfer resources to him as well, thanks to Steward of Gondor granting the "Gondor"-trait.
  • Gríma's ability is used on the first few turns. Don't be afraid of the drawback- the game should be over by the time you reach a critical threat threshold. And there is always a sneaky Gandalf lurking to save the day ^^.

Card Alternatives:

  • If you are facing adventures full of threat-increasing cards, you might want to swap Gríma for green Aragorn. In this case, you could also include Sword that was Broken in your deck.
  • 3x Warden of Healing might seem excessive. This would be an easy swap for any card you feel is missing from the deck. The same goes for Men of the West.

Jun 15, 2017 Wolves 15

I really like this deck a lot! Despite the outlands theme which has been explored beyond boredom. The simple combination of high starting resources combined with high card draw makes this deck a solid and reliable deck.

I do wonder if it can pull its weight without the use of SoG for multiplayer, although the amount of doomed effects may deter other players from joining in the first place anyway ;-)

Simple, effective and probably a lot of fun to play, well done!