Sir Glorfindel

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sappidus 385

Ally Glorfindel has one of the most potent powers in the game, but sadly he cannot ride hero-only Asfaloth.

Or can he?

Via Sword-thain, he sure as hell can. This deck is dedicated to the idea of finding the necessary pieces as efficiently as possible, all while being a reasonably effective deck in the meantime. To that end, we take the aggro Noldor archetype as exemplified by 13nrv's lovely deck and tweak it to include the necessary pieces. (Please keep in mind that here we are sacrificing the explosive start and the late-game ally swarm of the original in order to get out an expensive combo; 13nrv's deck is well-nigh perfect, so please study it, linked in the derived box, if you want maximum power.)

Galdor is always a great hero for any combo deck that wants a lot of pieces in hand both early and simultaneously (as opposed to hero Erestor's raw but time-sensitive draw power). Elven-light, Daeron's Runes, and Heed the Dream give standard draw/search power. We Are Not Idle does its cantripping deck-thinning thing, and the sidequests can help fish out missing pieces.

The base combo of Glorfindel and Sword-thain will take a huge chunk of resources in the early game—the standard Denethor and Steward (onto Arwen) package can fuel early profligate spending, as well as Arwen herself—but cheating it onto the board is usually best. Not much to do about Sword-thain's upfront cost (good thing it's a card), but Glorfindel can be To the Sea^2'ed or, for maximum spiciness, snuck in and immediately pinned to the board with Sword-thain.

Gandalf: "…did someone say Sneak Attack?"

As in the original, you'll burn through the deck right quick, enabling Lords of the Eldar recursion. Feel free to slot in the second copy if you feel like laughing maniacally that day. (Unlike 13nrv's, you can get 6 resources a turn in the endgame, letting you spam 2x Lords every damn turn.)


Jul 17, 2017 Thanee 87

I like to play with Glorfindel-Sword Thain-Asfaloth. Got him in quite a few of my decks. Nice to see someone else with that idea. :-)