A prince and his ladies

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sappidus 237

There are a few Timrahil decks out there that concentrate on his synergy with Silvans, but they all seem to run Elf-friend. As has been observed before, all the Silvan allies are already Warriors anyway, so I was curious what would happen if you kept that synergy but concentrated the rest of the deck more on Timrahil's ability.

26/29 allies can be natively fetched with Timrahil here. The only one that cannot is the Silvan Refugee; though she is generally antisynergistic with Timrahil, sometimes you just need some cheap questing power, and the presence of 9 Silvan-recalling events can mitigate her downside.

The events are really meant for the Silvans, though. Island Amid Perils on a Marksman that you put into play via Timrahil feels awesome: you dug him out with Timrahil, got 3 threat reduction, and the chance to use his bomb ability twice (when you play him for real in a subsequent round). Indeed, this is the main reason I'm using a hero at all. Heck, I've Children of the Sea'd a Marksman already legitimately on the table just to get that druglike hit again…

Still, as I said, this ends up being more a Timrahil deck than a Silvan one, and you're usually pretty happy to hit on any of the included allies. (Linhir Sea-captain is there almost as a joke. Just put in another Háma.)

Arwen and Éowyn are solid out-of-the-gate willpower, but in general you'll want to pair this with a deck stronger in the questing department. In particular, partnering with any standard Silvan build with Celeborn-Galadriel-[insert hero here] will make those Timrahil Silvan digs feel great. Snowmane and Golden Shield give Éowyn something to do besides quest in the late game.

(For once I'm actually a little iffy with Elven-light in a deck with Arwen, as you often would rather just pop an ally into play temporarily with Timrahil for 1 resource rather than drawing it and having to save up to play it. Similarly, this is the only deck where I've declined Legolas' response at times. Considering that, Arwen may actually be a bit of a waste in this deck, and a hero of your choice may be a better fit. Or you could just break down and include Elf-friend after all so that Arwen can bestow resources.)