Caught Between Morning and Evening

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Onidsen 450

Onidsen has updated this deck: Ride them Down!

This is a solo deck built around exploiting staging area attack using Éomer's ability. Fully upgraded with Herugrim and Gúthwinë, he can reach 12 , enough to single-handedly deal with most of your combat needs.

Galadriel with Nenya attached is central to the function of the deck. Because the ring's ability is limited to the quest phase, it cannot be used to boost effects that rely on willpower in other phases. However, since Éomer attacks in the quest phase, Galadriel can boost his willpower before committing characters to the quest, and then he can attack an enemy in the staging area, using Herugrim to add his boosted willpower to his attack. With Celebrían's Stone attached to the Lady of Lorien, Éomer can gain +7 from his father's blade, all while committing 7 to the quest. In addition, with Unexpected Courage, Galadriel can use her ability as well as her ring, maintaining threat at a low level and milling more quickly through the deck.

Arwen Undómiel is present to provide high first-turn willpower and resource acceleration. Using her ability, Herugrim can be played with a single turn's resources, and even Northern Trackers only require saving a single resource. And, of course, if there are no enemies in the staging area for Éomer to attack, Galadriel can boost her granddaughter instead.

Extra questing power and staging area control beyond that provided by boosted Éomer and Arwen is taken care of by a suite of allies, who can easily start to generate near-obscene levels of .

Because Éomer can only attack enemies in the staging area at the time he commits to the quest, one of the largest concerns this deck faces is an enemy that it can't avoid engaging coming up during staging. To help deal with this threat, Late Adventurer allows Éomer to wait until after staging to commit to the quest, where he can destroy the most odious of the enemies present in the staging area. If that is not an option, or if multiple enemies show up, Ride Them Down should be able to convert a turn of progress on the quest into an enemy killed before it can engage.

Against enemies that cannot be kept in the staging area or killed before they engage, either Éomer or Arwen can defend without risk and use Terrible to Behold to can push them back before they attack, to be killed by Éomer the following turn. A Light in the Dark is more expensive for a similar effect, but doesn't require a hero to exhaust and can also be recycled by Dwarven Tomb. In even more dire situations, Háma can defend using his ability and be ready to contribute his attack, or Snowbourn Scout chump-blocks. Either can be recycled by Gúthwinë. Éomer should be given the second copy of Unexpected Courage to either provide a defense to trigger Terrible to Behold or to add extra attack to deal with the few enemies that manage to engage.

Only one copy each of Gúthwinë and Celebrían's Stone have been included because neither of them are essential, and both provide essentially the same effect, a +2 boost to Éomer's attack. In addition, with Mirror of Galadriel and Silver Harp, even single cards in the deck can relatively easily be fished out. And what the Mirror can't find, Elven-light or Galadriel can help you draw.

Mulligan for Nenya and Herugrim, although a starting hand with both Mirror of Galadriel and Silver Harp is perfect and should not be discarded.


Sep 29, 2017 Onidsen 450

Credit to Odsidian22 for giving me the idea of Galadriel/Nenya combined with Herugrim.

Sep 29, 2017 Odsidian22 222

I'll have to post my attempt at the combo soon. Had not considered the Háma recycling, that's a good idea.

Oct 01, 2017 TheChad 2470

this deck idea is great. I love the Nenya/Galadriel combo for Eomer/Herugrim, well done!

Oct 01, 2017 Taurelin 143

I love the deck! Great synergies.

Have you considered Elf-friend for Eomer? That way Arwen can immediately pass on the resources he needs, you could probably drop Errand-Rider then. Would also be very thematic. :-)

Oct 01, 2017 Onidsen 450

That's an interesting idea. Half of the point of the Errand-Rider was to transfer resources off of Eomer in the case that few enemies are revealed off of the encounter deck. In practice, though, I have mostly used it to get resources onto Eomer to pay for Celebrian's Stone and Guthwine.

My revised deck trades out Arwen for Fastred, because I've already found the lack of a strong early defender to be crippling - paying resources to consistently avoid enemy attacks is resources not spent on building up a board state. I should probably post that one pretty soon.

Oct 14, 2017 Gerrymander 104

A few Guardian of Ithiliens are a great and cheap way to push some enemies back into the staging area, plus you give your deck some extra teeth!

Oct 25, 2017 Onidsen 450

Ooh - now that's an interesting idea. Good chump blockers, sending enemies back to the staging area. Could well be good card to swap out for Snowbourn Scout.

Dec 06, 2017 Jamona 1

Really fun deck idea. I think for multiplayer a mono lore deck with Advance Warning , Ranger Spikes and Ranger Bow would complement this deck well.