Doomy Mood

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TheChad 2576

Doomy Mood is a deck for solo play or multiplayer if you don't like your friends.

There is a lot of Doom in this deck and it is put to good (and fun) use. It is an enjoyable deck to play and you get to use some cards that don't hit the table that often.

Opening Hand

Keys of Orthanc and Light of Valinor are the 2 attachments you are looking for. If not found then Master of the Forge can dig them out for you.


Argalad and Grima and allies quest, Fastred's ability counters the doomed. Argalad and allies kill enemies.

Card Interactions

The Keys unlock this deck's potential to play a lot of cards onto the table. Give Fastred the keys so he can pay for the cards and events quickly. With the discount from Gríma a 2-cost card will not cause a net loss of a resource (it costs 2, Doomed 1 reduces it to 1, Keys give you a resource back). Give Fastred some Courage and a boost from Arwen and Protector of Lórien to help him defend.

Argalad gets some Mirkwood Long-knifes, and Light of Valinor. He will quest without exhausting for 2-4 and then use his ability to pseudo-quest for more and damage an enemy. A fun trick is if there is an enemy in the staging area that is 1 hit-point from death but you quested for enough that you don't need to trigger his ability. You engage this enemy, defend with Fastred and send it back to reduce your threat, and THEN use his ability to kill it.

Isengard Messengers are really fun in this deck, you should be triggering at least 1 doomed a round, boosting their . Steward of Orthanc should be triggered as often as possible.

Attack power comes from Argalad, the Ents, Eryn Galen Settler, and Saruman.

Finally, there is one copy each of Rivendell Minstrel, A Burning Brand, and Song of Wisdom. You will be surprised how often you can hit the song/brand combo on Fastred. If you draw the minstrel you find your song, Master of the Forge can dig out the song and brand, and the abundance of card draw also facilitates the likely-hood you find them.

I think this deck could have a lot of different allies in it to work and could be used as a framework to build around. Enjoy!


Oct 02, 2017 Onidsen 477

I like it a lot. I'm not sure about Power of Orthanc - it really feels like a sideboard card to me. When you need it, you need more consistency than 1 copy, and when you don't, it's a dead draw in your hand. I suppose you could use it as an extra trigger for your Isengard Messengers. Have you considered sideboarding it and replacing it with 3xDaeron's Runes?

Oct 02, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

@TheChadI like this deck, thanks for posting! I do wonder if you’d find a place for 3x Mithrandir's Advice? In this deck I like it as well or better than Daeron's Runes since you can reduce it to 0 with Gríma and you don’t lose a card to the discard pile.

Oct 02, 2017 TheChad 2576

There is a lot of different builds you could do for sure. More cards = more fuel for Protector of Lorien. Power of Orthanc is not needed for all quests (although almost every time I have had it in hand I ended up using it) and could easily be side-boarded. At a minimum it can discarded it to a Protector if the quest has no conditions. thanks for the suggestions!

Oct 03, 2017 tryp09 10

dang @TheChad you scary! Nice deck! Looking forward to CotR 2nd Age!

Oct 03, 2017 TheChad 2576

Thank you Henneth Annun Poolguy (probably my favorite user name of all time). I really appreciate the kind words.