Spirit of Eorl

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Onidsen 477

This is the latest version of my pure solo deck focused on boosting Théoden. Earlier versions used him both as a primary attacker and defender with Herugrim and Golden Shield, with Merry or Dúnhere as a third hero to try and prevent multiple enemies from engaging by either killing them in the staging area, or reducing your threat lower than their engagement cost.

The most notable weakness of those decks was low-engagement cost enemies that engaged before the deck was able to get up and running. To deal with those issues, Beregond has been inserted as the hero. With defense taken care of, Théoden can focus purely on attack, dual-wielding Herugrim and Dagger of Westernesse for up to 8 .

The theme of the deck has also been relaxed from earlier versions - it now includes mostly Gondor allies, with only a few Rohan characters. This creates a much more powerful deck - much less vulnerable when defending, and even more capable at both questing and attacking. Honour Guard and Livery of the Tower give damage cancellation - reducing the need for healing, and Legolas gives much needed card draw in addition to helping on the attack.

The remainder of the deck plays roughly the same as earlier versions, with one exception - all copies of Unexpected Courage should go on Beregond.

The sideboard optimizes the ally selection for Battle or Siege questing.