Blazing down the Anduin - solo core

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LadyNightwing 14

This deck should be able to beat Journey Down the Anduin the majority of the time. The key is to take your time on the first quest stage; don't kill the troll until you have enough willpower to try and push through the second stage of the quest in one or two rounds.

Only Shadows of Mirkwood cards in the deck are 1 Gildor Inglorion and 2x The Riddermark's Finest, and neither of them are game changers. For progression play, just sub for other affordable allies.

Beorn gets discarded as Eowyn fodder, then brought into play using Stand and Fight

Sneak Attack can be used on Gandalf to use his when enters effect multiple times

Ever Vigilant readies Beorn for multiple crushing attacks, Faramir for hard quest push or Gandalf

Use Son of Arnor to pull enemy into engaging then trap with Forest Snare during same planning stage

Dwarven Tomb can bring back The Galadhrim's Greeting for more threat reduction, A Test of Will for treachery cancellation

Celebrían's Stone goes on Eowyn, who commits to the quest, always

Théodred extra resource goes where ever it's needed next round


Mar 27, 2018 JoostHoppenbrouwer 3

Played 3 games, didn't win a single one of them. Too many dependencies.