The Red Arrow

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TheChad has updated this deck: The Red Arrow 2.0

Denethor sent Hirgon to Muster the Rohirrim by delivering The Red Arrow to Théoden.

Not only a thematic hero line-up, but a powerful one. Right away you should notice that Steward of Gondor is not in this deck, I have found through play-testing that it is not essential. However, its in the sideboard, and if you want to play with it drop a couple allies.


Plain and simple, get a lot of allies on the board.

Opening Hand: Card draw is key in the early game. You will be able to pump out allies fairly quickly so you need to have them in your hand. Mustering the Rohirrim is actually pretty darn good in this deck. An Ancient Mathom or Valiant Sacrifice is nice to see. Or, conversely, if you draw a bunch of allies that is good too since you can start playing them. What you DON'T want to see is a bunch of the attachments with no card draw.


Denethor can pass a resource to Hirgon each round for resource smoothing, so you basically start the game with 2 and 2 and 1 resource. Hirgon and Theoden can work together to reduce a Rohan ally by 2 to a minimum of zero (when it is the first Rohan ally played that round). Guthlaf is free this way.

Denethor defends with a Gondorian Shield, Theoden and Hirgon quest, Snowmane readies Theoden and he attacks with Gúthwinë to bring back Rohan allies from your discard pile.

There are so many combos and tricks in this deck you really can have some fun based on what the encounter deck throws at you. The one I have enjoyed the most is Gúthwinë and Grimbold.

Quest for 2 with Grimbold, then if you can't handle an attack, discard him. Bring him back with Guthwine after Theoden kills that enemy, or a weaker one. Use Hirgon & Theoden to get him in play next turn for 1. This is a repeatable way to handle a big enemy until you kill it.

Here are a few more tricks:

Chumping a ally to trigger Valiant Sacrifice, and/or if you have Guthwine, to get the enters play ability.

Archery + Éomund to ready all your Rohirrim after a big quest push. Guthwine can bring him back.

Bring Elfhelm in for 1 resource, play A Very Good Tale on him and another ally to get 2 allies in permanently. Guthwine can bring him back from the discard, or if Gamling is in play he can do it.

I have had my board covered in Rohan allies and it has been very enjoyable seeing them working together to win the day.



Oct 13, 2017 FolcoBoffin 47

Love using Gamling with Éomund and Valiant Sacrifice to draw two cards, ready all rohan characters, and return Eomund to my hand!

Oct 13, 2017 Seastan 14206

22 allies seem a bit on the low side for AVGT. With 2/5 cards as allies I would expect you to whiff pretty often. Do you find this happening?

Oct 13, 2017 TheChad 2576

Have never whiffed yet. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but 50% of the Deck is allies and it’s been working so far. It’s a way of drawing cards too, card draw is the limiting factor of the deck. So even getting 1 extra ally in play is going to help. Suggestions welcome!