Círdan, Hobbits and lots of Ents

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Ents and Eagles but no Steward of Gondor
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Benedikt 169

This deck is primarily for solo, so you draw three cards every turn.

Mulligan for Treebeard, Light of Valinor and Narya. With Treebeard you can pay for the Wellinghall Preserver the turn you draw him.

Círdan with Light of Valinor is incredibly strong, because he quests and also readys the very strong Ents. A readied Wandering Ent with a A Burning Brand and Ent Draught survives a attack of 7 and can be healed easy with reading Wellingshall Preservers or a Warden of Healing.

In my imagination Bilbo Baggins defends lots of small enemies with the Fast Hitch and a copy of Burning Brand, but I doubt, that this will every happen...

The tactis Ents have to be payed with Treebeard.

In multiplayer I would maybe swap Bilbo with Bifur to cadge some resources from a leadership playing partner and because I don't want to share my carddraw with others :-D