Om Nom Nom (Fellowship Deck)

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Pirate Brahm 606

This is a fellowship deck made to accompany a Gandalf/Dain Ironfoot mining deck.

Credit for this deck goes to Wandering Took's deck, A Weird and Unlikely Friendship, and to camacazio's deck before it.

This is my second attempt at a Gimli/Legolas 'buddy' deck. It was designed specifically to accompany my Gandalf mining deck, Exploitation of Miners, which coincidentally also started off as a Gimli/Legolas buddy deck. It has tons of readying through its heroes and attachments, so you'll never lose Dain Ironfoot's passive ability or squander Narya to an exhausted Gandalf.

A good strong start during the first turn is important. Use Daeron's Runes, Unlikely Friendship, and We Are Not Idle during the Resouce phase on the chance you draw Captain's Wisdom. Try to get Narvi's Belt onto Gimli in order to smooth resources and play A Burning Brand on him in later turns. You should be able to pitch a card to Legolas in order to have all three heroes quest each turn. With Light of Valinor on Legolas, you can use Gimli's ability to ready other heroes in the fellowship.

(Did I mention that I love Miruvor? It's one of the most versatile attachments in the game! You'll find a dozen or more good uses for it in this fellowship, which is why each deck runs three copies.)