Deck Tech: Farewell We Call to Hearth and Hall!

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chrsjxn 2455

So, right off the bat, I feel like I need to say that this deck is definitely tuned more toward the thematic end of the spectrum than the powerful end.

We've got hobbits singing songs by the fire, professing their undying friendship, reading books, and having sweet dreams.

Deck Building:

I started this deck with the goal of assembling all four hobbit heroes in one legal deck. One legal, non-campaign mode, deck. And, to back them up, I wanted to include Sam's sweetheart, Rosie Cotton, and his faithful pony, Bill.

Unfortunately, Sam's the only leadership hobbit hero, and also the only one of the four with an ally version. So we need leadership to play Rosie and Bill.

Which means songs, because A Good Harvest doesn't work with Bill's cost reducing ability. And since I needed the songs for the deck to function, I wanted to lean into that a bit with Fireside Song and Love of Tales.

Unfortunately, I left out Fast Hitch, somehow. I actually thought it was in the deck while I was playing, though it wouldn't have been hugely impactful. I'd probably sub it in for the Resourceful going forward. After all, Rosie isn't very useful if your heroes are all used to quest, even if she is the only leadership hero with two willpower for two resources.

So the goal is pretty simple. Stack up songs on your heroes, Sword-thain on Sam to make him a hero, and just quest away! Arwen Undómiel and Treebeard are enough to take care of a surprising amount of combat if you get them out together.

Final Thoughts:

I'll have to revisit the song strategy with a more tuned deck. It was a lot of fun to build up the full fellowship on the table, but I won't say that it was particularly impactful.

If you want to watch me sing my way through Tharbad, check it out on youtube here!