Denethor's Angels

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Odsidian22 228

A little challenge from a poll taken from Lord of the Rings LCG Players group.

Na'asiayh is a pretty underused hero, and to be honest her ability isnt too overwhelming. It is different though, if resource dependant. The hit to not being able to pay for allies is tough too.

Hmm, who's got a lot of money? Ah yes, Denethor does. He gives me a fair defender too. With the Steward of Gondor himself backing her, Na'asiyah ability isn't quite expensive. Éowyn seemed a a natural choice because of her extreme , something which this deck does have a problem with.

Standard Denethor setup with Steward of Gondor (Denethor gets it because there's actually more Leadership cards than Tactics), Rod of the Steward, and Gondorian Shield.

First time I've included Dwarven Sellsword in deck but he really helps earlier game if you have the resources. Don't keep him around if you can't afford it though.

You actually have a starting threat of 22, giving you a lot of time to set up and avoid the more difficult engagements. A Visionary Leadership + Faramir should cover Will power once it's going.

Na'asiyah gets Dagger of Westernesse of course. With the low starting threat, the bonus should be active most of the game. Pay into her ability for single turn kills of large enemies. Good thing about her ability is that it targets her. It circumvents player immune enemies. Errand-rider can keep her going from Denethors excess.


Jan 03, 2018 Taurelin 138

I love Na'asiyah, and I love Na'asiyah Decks. One key card to abuse her ability is Firefoot, because you can boost her for one single attack but still kill two enemies. Don't forget that the excess damage even gets past the shield. Think of Crows+Hill Troll, Corsair+enemy ship...

With the focus on Denethor, you might consider In Service of the Steward for Na'asiyah instead of Errand-Rider, because that way Denethor can pass his excess resources directly, and she can also profit from a Gondorian Shield. She is a formidable additional defender, which particularly helps early in the game. I would also recommend Armored Destrier for Denethor.

Please have a look at my Na'asiyah deck as well: . There I prefer to give the Steward to her (1st turn is possible), and I use Spirit-Eowyn for more quest-power, protection and card-draw.

Jan 03, 2018 Odsidian22 228

I had not considered Firefoot, but I did have Rohan Warhorse in earlier iterations of the deck. I have a few cards I was not super sold on. Soldier of Dol Amroth for example was a Tactics resource sink for Éowyn and was effected by Visionary Leadership. I found ended up with a surplus on her. Armored Destrier was just an oversight, thanks for the reminder. Ill go over your deck and probably steal some ideas. Thanks for the heads up.

Jan 05, 2018 Odsidian22 228

@Taurelin Keep Errand-rider, he triggers off Visionary Leadership and Faramir for more . He will also pass resources to other heroes in a multiplayer setting without relying on traits.

I dropped Rod of the Steward, one Dagger of Westernesse,and one Visionary Leadership for 2x Armored Destrier and 2x Firefoot. Made a world of difference,