Tireless Rangers

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Tale of Vigilance 16 5 3 1.0
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Tale of Tinúviel, and bear 1 0 0 2.0
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McDog3 423

This deck was inspired by COTR twitch stream, in which TheChad wanted to set up an Arwen Undómiel, Vigilant Dúnadan, Tale of Tinúviel combo. This is my take on that idea. Instead of focusing on getting multiple activations from Arwen, the dream setup here is to have a side quest in the victory display, use Arwen to give Dunadan sentinel and use Tale of Tinuviel to exhaust Círdan the Shipwright and ready Dunadan for monstrous stats of 5 / 7 / 7 , all without exhausting to defend!

Opening Hand:

I am looking for additional willpower, Light of Valinor, or a side quest in my opening hand. Gather Information will allow us to try and grab one of the other components, whereas The Storm Comes will allow us to easily play out Dunadan in the future.

Early Game:

Getting out Arwen and Light of Valinor are higher priorities as Cirdan can quest for 4 and still defend for 3 if enemies become engaged. This is also (usually) the best time to play out and quickly power quest through one or more of those side quests. Once any side quest is in the victory display, you'll also get the benefits from Rider of Rohan. Cirdan, Eowyn, plus some ally can already quest for 10+ on turn one. Galadriel is almost strictly used for card draw, but Nenya is included in the deck for scenarios where extra is necessary.

Mid Game:

At this point, I focus on getting out a Dunadan and Narya. If The Storm Comes is in the victory display (or A Good Harvest is in hand), you'll be able to play one from your hand, otherwise use Stand and Fight to bring one back from the discard (which may have been strategically discarded by either Cirdan or Éowyn. Even without Tale of Tinuviel, Arwen and Narya can get Dunadan up to 4 , which is good enough in many situations [NOTE: Narya can target Dunadan and give him the stat boost, even if he cannot ready.] Tale should be used for the major swing-back turns, allowing everyone else to wipe out their enemies or if the turn was a major questing push and there are few defenders available. The one nuance here is that Dunadan must be exhausted to be a valid target for Tale, which means some level of planning needs to occur beforehand. This is how the turn would look: Commit Dunedan and Arwen to the quest (Arwen targets Dunedan for boost), at the beginning of combat play Tale and exhaust Cirdan/Galadriel to ready Dunedan. I'll often exhaust Cirdan since Galadriel is able to use her ability to help other players by this point in the game.

Late Game:

It's typical to have 8+ that doesn't exhaust to quest at this point, which feels really good. More than likely I will have 1+ copies of Tale still in my hand ready to use along with a Dwarven Tomb to recur if needed, so it's possible to play Tale during each of the few remaining combat phases.

Other Notes:

  • I generally wait to play Galadhrim Weaver until there is a case where Cirdan's ability discarded a card I need. In some instances it can shuffle back in a Tale of Tinuviel or a Dwarven Tomb for maximum uses of Tale. I have found that the need to play Tale of Tinuviel more than 2-3x per game is unusual however.
  • While Stand and Fight is a good way to get a Vigilant into play, I have also used it on a Rider of Rohan if a side quest is in the victory display. The Riders are the main source of power in this deck, with the other options being Narya and Dunadan. Another option is to hold onto a Stand and Fight just in case your Dunadan unexpectedly dies, so you can immediately bring him back to at least utilize the 3 during the same combat phase (provided you have those resources on hand).
  • Card draw in this deck comes from both Galadriel or Cirdan, Eowyn can discard Elven-light for extra draw when needed.
  • This player can engage whatever big, bad, boss enemy awaits at the end of the game and use Dunedan to swing back for 7 , alongside any Riders, Jewelers, and Sailors that are available. While this deck is aimed at questing (and infinite defenses of course), it's easy to have 15+ by end game when including Tale usage.
  • If you used Tale on Galadriel and Cirdan has Narya, you can get the Dunedan to attack two enemies engaged with you for 8 by Narya'ing right after Dunedan exhausts to attack for the first time.

Solo Version:

While giving Vigilant Dunadan sentinel capabilities is fun, it isn't necessary for solo play. Instead, I focus on fueling card draw/resource generation with Hero Arwen and it can spit out allies slightly faster but otherwise it plays much the same. Below are my substitutions for solo:


-1 Galadriel / +1 Arwen


-3 Arwen / +3 Envoy (or if you prefer more defensive capabilities +3 Jubayr)


-2 Nenya / +2 Windfola (or +2 Elrond's Counsel for threat control)


Feb 03, 2018 Seastan 29875

Another fun interaction with Arwen/Vigilant Dunadan is Spare Hood and Cloak. Attach one each to each of them and they ready each other, allowing an additional exhaust of Arwen each round to get +1 on the Dunadan.

Feb 03, 2018 TheChad 6647

It’s a fun combo! Great deck!

Feb 06, 2018 The BGamerJoe 3429

I got to play a few quests with your deck and gray tie it on my blog: lotrdecktest.wordpress.com

I like it!

Feb 07, 2018 The BGamerJoe 3429

Wow I must have been tired last night when I posted that comment. I totally butchered the English language!

Oct 21, 2018 死锁 264

It's surprised that find find someone already have a same idea 9 month ago when you build a deck. But I have a question why Silver Harp is not on this deck? I think it will works pretty well in this deck .