Tale of Vigilance

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TheChad 5008

On Cardboard of the Rings I mentioned that I wanted to build a deck that utilized Faramir's ability to allow Arwen Undómiel's ability to trigger a second time. This is my best attempt.

The goal of the deck is to use Arwen's ability on a Vigilant Dúnadan once a side quest is in the victory display. What I discovered as I refined and made adjustments is that this build was going to need a clever way(s) to achieve my goal. A lot of set up is needed and it needs to happen quickly:

1: A side quest played and cleared

2: Arwen played

3: Vigilant Dunadan played

4: Tale of Tinuviel in hand.

To increase my chances I included Thurindir so Send for Aid will be in your opening hand. The problem is, I don't really need for this deck to work. How am I going to get a ally into play? What I ended up doing is creating a deck that allows 3 different ways to get an off-sphere ally into play, as a bonus, all 3 of these ways can help other players at the table.

How to be Vigilant?

1: If Vigilant Dunadan is in hand, Elf-stone will do the trick.

2: If Vigilant Dunadan is in the discard pile thanks to Zigil Miner or Steed of Imladris, Stand and Fight will do the trick.

3: If Vigilant Dunadan is in your deck thanks to not drawing it or Dúnedain Pipe, Send for Aid and A Very Good Tale could do the trick.

Opening Hand:

It is of course good to see Light of Valinor, a Ranger of Cardolan and A Very Good Tale is a great to see, you will want to get the Imladris Stargazer-Zigil combo up and running so seeing either of those is good.

Gameplay: Song of Travel goes on Faramir to help pay for all the cards. Dig for your combo pieces and pay attention to how you can get a Vigilant Dunadan into play based on the cards in hand. Galadhrim Weaver can help put cards back into your deck, Dwarven Tomb can dig Tale of Tinúviel back out. Ranger of Cardolan goes away at the end of the round if you use his ability, making him an amazing choice for A Very Good Tale since he readies prior to leaving.

The ultimate combo works like this: after a side quest is cleared, quest with both Arwen and the Vigilant Dunadan, give Arwens' boost to him, engage an enemy and ready Arwen. Play Tale of Tinuviel to exhaust Arwen and ready the Dunadan who now has Sentinel, 6 , 5 and does not exhaust to defend. Even without the song, he is a 3 defender with Sentinel that who does not exhaust.

In a multiplayer game you should be able to defend most of the board, if nobody has any shadow cancellation you may want to put some Hasty Strokes in your deck instead of Tombs.

In a solo game, or if nobody has it on the table, Steward of Gondor can be used instead of Zigil Miner/Stargazer with some Daeron's Runes and Hasty Strokes. Also, if the quest has shadows that would kill the Dunadan, Hasty Stroke is strongly encouraged.

I don't think this deck by itself will defeat a majority of scenarios, but your friends will be very happy to see it hit the table.


Feb 02, 2018 Fingolfin 1

I love this and it looks an awesome multiplayer deck. Defend for everyone and you don't even need to supply all the components to make it work. A tactics heavy deck could drop a Vigilant Dúnadan as well as supply Raiment of War. The extra Hit Points are a particular bonus for nasty treacheries and shadow effects. Any other deck with access to spirit resources can play Tale of Tinúviel to help out. It does not specify that the player of Tale of Tinúviel needs to control either the Noldor or Dunedain character so I presume that it would work. Throw in some Love of Tales for anyone with heroes and you have resources galore.

Feb 02, 2018 Olander 129

If only the Vigilat Dunedain was a warrior, then that would work. The only way is making him a Noldor/silvan with elf friend and then add Elven mail. Ent draught works to. Spear of the citadel also, and then he can use steerner than steel.

Feb 02, 2018 Fingolfin 1

Oops! Too true @Olander.