The Wealth of Gondor

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knochentrocken 4

This deck is part of a 4-player fellowship to be played against the Battle of the Pelennor Fields outside of campaign-mode. It will get the first-player-token at the beginning of the game and will start with Aragorn. (I couldn't publish it with 4 heroes.)

It is made with a limited card-pool: 3 Cores: Conflict at the Carrock, Return to Mirkwood; Khazad-Dum: Watcher in the Water, Foundations of Stone; Heirs of Numenor: Stewards Fear, Morgule Vale; Lost Realm: Treachery of Rhudaur, Battle of Carn Dûm; Grey Havens: Flight of the Stormcaller, Thing in the Depths; Hobbit 1-2, LotR Saga 1-6

How it's played: Mulligan for Steward and give it to Denethor. He should make use of his ability every round using In Service of the Steward/ Esquire of Gondor. If you don't manage to get Steward of Gondor in your starting hand, use Galadriel to find it or ask Beravor for more cards.

Some of the allies will give your mates even more resources or help with questing. Especially Anborn is able to kill a damaged enemy or can set them up for a Gondorian Spearman or Dúnhere.

Many of attachments go on Aragorn. Dúnedain Warning is for Beregond/ Fatty Bolger/ Denethor. Visionary Leadership should be played on Boromir since he will leave one resource in his pool if possible, anyway.

Ranger Summons is just a fun card in a 4 player game and will help with locations or give even more direct damage. Mutual Accord is just a thematic win and should not be played before you have Visionary Leadership out. It really escalates if your mate playes Astonishing Speed, too.

I am not too sure about Send for Aid but it fits the theme so well...

The deck will usually engage most of the enemies (using Halbarad) since Boromir and his allies are not ranged but have plenty of . Denethor, Gimli and Beregond or a Gondorian Spearman will block them.