Withstanding the Hammer Stroke


This is a fellowship to be played against the Battle of the Pelennor Fields outside of campaign-mode.

First of all, I have a limited card-pool:

-3 Cores: Conflict at the Carrock, Return to Mirkwood

-Khazad-Dum: Watcher in the Water, Foundations of Stone

-Heirs of Numenor: Stewards Fear, Morgule Vale

-Lost Realm: Treachery of Rhudaur, Battle of Carn Dûm

-Grey Havens: Flight of the Stormcaller, Thing in the Depths

-Hobbit 1-2, LotR Saga 1-6

I have been working on it for a while but only tested it in simulations.

The concept:

Ride to Ruin sends all heroes questing each round along with some allies. Thalin will damage all the little orcs coming off the encounter deck. There are 6 Gondorian Spearman (plus 3 copies of Spear of the Citadel) in the decks that can finish them off without even revealing the Shadow Card. The deck will also provide Beregond with a Gondorian Shield. Éowyns ability will be usefull against The Witch-king and the Wraith on Wings. Théoden or Éowyn make great defenders once outfitted with Snowmane and Golden Shield. (Arwen Undómiel can provide sentinel.)

Hobbits in the Field will provide more questing with Outlands and also some cancelation (mostly The Rammas is Breached). Fatty Bolger works good against this scenario, too. But most importantly it will increase the engagement cost by 3 across the board and gives 3 copies of Expecting Mischief. This will combo very well with rest of the fellowship. The Long Defeat and Elrond are also a great cards in this quest.

Support for the Troops will provide some card-draw as well as some cancellation. Also it provides 3 copies of Dark Knowledge to decide if it's safe to declare Beregond as defender or if a Gondorian Spearman or chump is better suited. Readying abilities are also mostly in this deck. The threat reduction it provides is very usefull along with Pippin. The low threat and the high engagement costs of the enemies that the Gondorian Spearman and Thalin can't kill (like Morgul Captain) will leave them damaged in the staging area: A perfect target for Dúnhere who get's buffed with Spear of the Mark and Dagger of Westernesse. He can also target the Wraith on Wings and chip them down a bit. The Rohan allies and Astonishing Speed will give great questing pushes later in the game if needed.

The Wealth of Gondor will get the Steward of Gondor on the the Steward of Gondor! He will in turn provide all other decks with resources with the help of In Service of the Steward/ Esquire of Gondor (on Théoden) and his allies. Sneak Attack and Reinforcements work well in this Fellowship (Gandalf, Elrond, Beorn). Galadriel will help with the needed attachments. Many of the attachments go on Aragorn. Mutual Accord is not that great in this deck but it's a thematic win and works with Astonishing Speed and Visionary Leadership. Anborn is another card, that combos very well with Thalin, Dúnhere and the Gondorian Spearman.

Aragorn will get all his specific attachments and a Dagger of Westernesse so that Ring of Barahir could bring him up to 10hp (11 with Thrór's Key) so he can soak some archery. He will also get Rivendell Bow and Esquire of Rohan. Not only will he profit from ranged and be stronger, but also gain willpower from Astonishing Speed. His many resource-symbols also come in handy as he passes around the table.

A more detailed look at each deck and how to play them and what to look for can be found on the deck-pages.


Feb 04, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 747

Just FYI, Sneak Attack and Reinforcements don't work on Galadiriel.

Feb 04, 2018 knochentrocken 4

You are absolutely right... An oversight; Thank you.

Feb 07, 2018 Thejuggler2000 43

Looks good. I have a similar card pool as you do, and I haven't been able to beat Pelennor Fields yet. Have you thought about Thror's Map? It would boost Aragorn's hit points and let you avoid nasty travel effects.

Feb 09, 2018 knochentrocken 4

@Thejuggler2000I thought about using the Map instead of the Key but the only nasty travel effect is that of Grond which is immune to player card effects... The other effects trigger once the location becomes active. Thrór's Key is mostly used to lock the, then harmless, Fields in the staging area. If I need to swap a location, I can also use West Road Traveller.