Wandering Horse-friends

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RedSpiderr 91

This deck is designed to cooperate with the Rohirrim Questers deck. This deck focuses on combat, protecting the partner deck with Aragorn's ability to drag over enemies, as well as Legolas's and Marksman of Lórien's ranged to snipe enemies engaged with them. Dúnedain Hunter also helps by pre-empting enemy enagements. In a pinch, the Gondorian Spearman can used his sentinel to chump an attack that managed to sneak by. For boos-level enemies, any that won't go down to Aragorn's defense drop, or that of the Marksman of Lórien, can be dealt with by throwing Gandalf or Beorn into the mix.

Legolas, Arod and The Evening Star help counter location-lock, and Elrond and Athelas provide healing/ condition removal.

Let me know what you guys think, any suggestions?