Mustering Gondor's Might

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Maogrim 104

This is a thematic Gondor ally swarm deck, representing the Steward's efforts in mustering his brave troops against the shadow which had again begun to lurk in the dark and barren wastes of Mordor.

As always, an opening hand with Steward of Gondor is pretty much vital in order to ensure that the mustering of your men rolls on smoothly. Card draw is a bit scarce, but might be handled by the Rod of the Steward and some Valiant Sacrifice of your troops. Should that not be sufficient, the Grey Wanderer Gandalf is waiting in the Sideboard. Questing is a problem in the early stages, therefore I'd actually recommend to pair this up with a dedicated willpower deck. But once you've brought a vast number of allies to the table, be it by actually paying for them or cheating them in with Herald of AnĂ³rien or A Very Good Tale, bolstering their will with your Visionary Leadership or the skills of good captain Faramir, no danger the encounter deck throws at you will be enough to stand against the might of Minas Tirith. At least that's the plan.

As always, comments, constructive criticism and friendly chatter are very much welcome!

For Gondor!!!


Mar 08, 2018 Aurion 320

It doesn't get much more thematic than this. Loving the inclusion of Hirgon and the Red Arrow! Good job!!

Mar 09, 2018 The BGamerJoe 2459

I was able to play some games with your deck and feature it on my blog:

It took a few games to figure out how to play it well, but I had a good time with it! Leadership/Tactics is a hard sphere pairing imo but this works pretty well! Nice work.

Mar 09, 2018 Maogrim 104

Wow, thanks a lot BGamerJoe, I feel quite honoured that my deck made it on your blog! :) I think you're definitely right about 3 copies of Rod of the Steward and Valiant Sacrifice. But I'll try Gandalf as well. I thinks he's still pretty thematic, since he might always shows up to help the good people of o Middle Earth. Maybe Honour Guard would help to make Defender of Rammas a bit more sturdy? I'm working on a another Gondor deck, switching out Hirgon for Lore Aragorn. This will feature card, healing and of course Aragorn's threat reduction, but in turn giving up some offensive and defensive capabilities.